New Yorkers Tipping Less


Understandably, as New Yorkers start to feel the pinch of the recession, they’re less willing to give some of their oh-so-precious dollars away. However, it seems the industries truly hurt by the tipping downturn are shoeshiners and counter boys. The really well-to-do are still willing to give 20 per cent to the Four Seasons waiter.

Here’s a sampling of how New Yorkers who make their living largely through tips are faring, courtesy of New York Magazine:

Nightly tips on a weekend, precrisis: $250

Now: $180

Daily tips, precrisis: $70

Now: $45 to $50

Nightly tips on a good night, precrisis: $350 to $400
Now: $200

Tips on a weekend night shift, precrisis: $70 to $80
Now: $50 to $60

Daily tips on a good day, precrisis: $120

Now: $80

Shoeshine Guy
Daily tips, precrisis: $80 to $100
Now: $55 to $60

Daily tips, precrisis:,$50

Now: $30 to $40

Horse-Carriage Driver
Daily tips, precrisis: $50

Now: $30