Most New Yorkers are convinced they work harder than everyone else (even though they probably don't)

New yorkersGetty Images News/GettyPedestrians cross Sixth Avenue in New York City in 2013.

New York Magazine recently conducted a 100-person poll to learn more about New Yorkers’ attitudes toward work.

As it turns out, most Big Apple residents see themselves as more industrious than other Americans. A whopping 82% said they think New Yorkers work more than most people.

But that’s probably an exaggeration. According to a recent report, New York City ranks 11th on the list of the 30 biggest US cities for average hours worked weekly in 2013.

On average, people in those cities work about 42.2 hours per week. New Yorkers work 42.5 hours.

So yes, they do work more than other Americans in big cities, but only by 18 minutes.

Of course, if you factor in commute time, New York City does indeed come in first. In addition to those 42.5 hours of work, the average New Yorker spends 6.18 hours commuting every week, which is higher than the average in any other state.

Interestingly, most people (61) in this admittedly small sample thought they worked less than their coworkers. That implies that most New Yorkers think they work in more competitive environments than people in other parts of the country.

And of the New Yorkers polled, 60% think they should be earning more for the work they do.

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