New Yorkers Get Chilling Glimpse Of A Dystopian Future

Pranksters gave unsuspecting New Yorkers a vicious shock today when they distributed 1.2 million copies of a spoof edition of the New York Times. The paper — which was priced as FREE and dated Sarturday, July 4, 2009 — did a good job capturing the Times’ design, but you can take some relief knowing it’s all a big fake. Here are a few of the chilling headlines that have to do with business:

  • Maximum Wage Law Succeeds
  • Nationalized Oil To Fund Climate Change Efforts
  • Senate Gets Tough On “Limited Liability” To Rein In, Humanize Corporations
  • Treasury Announces “True Cost” Tax Plan (all products will have to be priced to take into account societal externalities).
  • Nation Sets Its Sights On Building Sane Economy — “True Cost Tax, Salary Caps, Trust-Busting Top List”

As we said, a chilling distopian vision of where economic policy could be in a year if trends persist. Thank god it’s all a big joke (online version is here)

Of course, the lead article is IRAQ WAR ENDS, so we’re not quite sure how that fits with the goal of presenting such a scary future. That actually sounds like something positive.

We should note, unbelievably, that there are a few people out there who have a totally different take on the prank, and seem to think that the whole paper is hopeful and optimistic. Hard to believe anyone could see it that way, but it’s true.

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