New Yorker Writer Jeffrey Toobin Taken To Court Over Ex-Mistress' Child Support

jeffrey toobin

, New Yorker writer, and general guru of all things legal Jeffrey Toobin appeared in Manhattan Family Court on Wednesday over his apparent disdain for paying child support.

Toobin has never publicly acknowledged his extramarital liaison with Gibson Dunn associate Casey Greenfield (daughter of CBS News analyst Jeff Greenfield). 

New York Daily News: Toobin, who glumly sat several rows away from Casey Greenfield before the hearing, is said to have privately admitted to fathering the child, believed to have been born last summer, sources said.

A friend of Greenfield’s said the outspoken Toobin has resisted putting his name on the infant’s birth certificate and hasn’t given his former lover the child support she’s requested.

David Lat of Above The Law, who Toobin first revealed as the author of Underneath Their Robes, was at Yale Law School at the same time as Greenfield.

ATL: One person who has seen the baby — it’s a boy, by the way, named Rory — even noted that the baby looks like Toobin. Based on this Facebook photo, though, Rory seems much cuter — and looks more like his mother.

Read more at ATL.

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