The New Yorker's latest cover hilariously skewers Donald Trump's hands

The New Yorker has become the latest source of Donald Trump hand jokes.

The magazine’s March 28th cover, designed by artist Barry Blitt, imagines how the Republican frontrunner would read his own palm.

“Not short. Normal,” it reads on one of Trump’s fingers, in the businessman’s distinctive rhetorical style. “Doesn’t mean a thing,” it reads on another.

The New Yorker titled the issue “The Big Short.”

“In a reading, not only are the lines of the palm considered but also the relative sizes of the hand and fingers,” Blitt said in a preview of the March 28 issue.

The size of Trump’s hands has been a recurring joke this election season since Marco Rubio brought up the subject at a February campaign rally.

Days later, at a Republican debate, Trump fired back at the Florida senator, showing his hands to the audience and saying, “Look at those hands. Are those small hands?”

“And, he referred to my hands if they’re small, something else is small. I guarantee you there is no problem. I guarantee it,” Trump said.

The Washington Post reported Monday that Trump once again defended the size of his hands in an interview with the newspaper’s editorial board.

“My hands are normal hands,” he said. “I was on line shaking hands with supporters and one of the supporters said, ‘Mr. Trump, you have strong hands, you have good size hands.’ And then another one would say, ‘Oh, you have great hands, Mr. Trump. I had no idea.'”

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