New York Times Throwing In Awesome iPad Keyboard With “All Digital” Subscription

zaggmate ipad 2 keyboard new york times

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To entice users to buy a New York Times “All Digital” subscription, the Times is now throwing in one of the best keyboard/case combinations for your iPad, the iPad Keyboard case from ZAGG.If you’ve been thinking about signing up to read New York Times articles on your iPad, now is definitely the time to buy.

You’ll pay $105.00 up front for three months of unlimited New York Times content on any computer or mobile device, and if you cancel after the initial three months, you get to keep the ZAGG.

The “All Digital” package is more expensive than the alternative “web and smartphone” and “web and tablet” digital packages.

The keyboard case has a $99.99 value on its own, and is regarded as one of the best accessories for your iPad. When you dock your iPad inside the case, it becomes a laptop, of sorts, allowing you to type with ease while the iPad stays upright.

You can choose between a ZAGG for your iPad 1 or iPad 2 when you sign up.

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