The Four Silliest Sentences From Today’s New York Times Profile Of The Horse From ‘War Horse’

the horse from war horse

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The New York Times ran a hilarious feature on one of the horses from “War Horse” today.The horse, Finders Key, was apparently a crappy race horse before transitioning to acting in 2003.

He played Joey (the horse) in the Oscar-nominated “War Horse,” and even played Joey’s mother à la Martin Lawrence in “Big Momma’s House 2.”

Here are four quotes from the NYT feature that (intentionally or not) slayed us:

1. “So there we were, trying to force Finders Key to race, when what he wanted to do was be in the movies.” — The horse’s horse trainer.

2. “Ortiz did not single out Finders Key when Hendrickson stopped by his barn looking for Seabiscuit look-alikes. Moving down the shedrow, Hendrickson stopped in front of Finders Key’s stall and asked, ‘Who’s this?'”

3. “And one of Finders Key’s friends on Facebook said: ‘The scene where Joey loses his friend, the black horse, made me cry uncontrollably.'”

4. “Before it ends, he might be driven to Grauman’s Chinese theatre in Hollywood, to have his hoof prints immortalised in cement. Right next to Trigger’s.”

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