The New York Times' Lead Tech Writer Shreds Apple's Siri

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Apple’s voice powered search/assistant is getting slapped again today, this time by Nick Bilton at the New York Times:Over time, things have really soured between Siri and me. We barely speak anymore. And, although she doesn’t know this, I’ve started seeing someone else. Her name, although not as mysterious or sexy, is Google Voice Search.

Google Voice Search, available in the latest operating software for Android phones, is a much better listener. It’s definitely smarter.

Bilton isn’t the first person to quit Siri. Most of the people we know with Siri on their phone either turned off Siri or just stopped using it.

Apple says it’s improving Siri, but the improvements seem to be adding in new search results. The problems with Siri, according to people that use it, are much more fundamental. It still doesn’t do what it’s advertised as doing — intelligent results based on conversational English.

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