NYT Launches 'Booming' Blog For The Biggest Generation In America

Rush Limbaugh

It’s going to be called “Booming” and it’s The New York Times tribute to the 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964, also known as the Baby Boomers. 

The blog’s first post was written today by The NYT’s Michael Winerip who says “…our generation, the biggest in the country’s history, has always given ourselves and everyone else lots to talk about,” so basically why not start a blog about it?

Winerip gives a brief glimpse into what the blog will cover: It will “showcase essays from readers in their 50s writing about their lives, but also essays by 25-year-olds describing their parents’ lives.” It will cover issues that Boomers deal with —  Medicare, Social Security, unemployment trends, ageing, retirement, investing and sex.

What Booming won’t be is “one big Springsteen concert.”

“We will not debate whether Barack Obama (born 1961) is a boomer if he texts with his thumbs,” he writes. 

Winerip also mentions in his post that “Rush Limbaugh is a baby boomer.”

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