New York Times: Herman Cain Is A Prima Donna

herman cain

Photo: NYforCain via YouTube

The New York Times is out with a less-than-flattering portrait of Herman Cain on the campaign trail, that portrays the newly-minted top tier candidate as a nightmare at managing his campaign and a prima donna.According to the article, a memo was sent out to Cain staff with this warning: “Do not speak to him unless you are spoken to.”

Cain, whose campaign rests largely on his successful career as a manager and executive, appears to have shunned the normal conventions of organisation and communication found in all serious campaigns.

“Everything we tried to do was like pulling teeth to get accomplished,” said a former staff member in Iowa, who asked for anonymity. “I’ve never been involved in a job that was as frustrating as this one. We couldn’t get an answer on anything. Everything was fly by the seat of your pants.”

His poll numbers may place him in the top-tier, but Cain’s organisation isn’t there yet. If he doesn’t get his house in order, he may quickly see his support collapse like the other has-beens this year.

Read the full report at The New York Times >

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