The New York Times is reportedly divided over the fate of a top reporter accused of sexual harassment

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images
  • The New York Times is divided over whether to keep Glenn Thrush, who was accused of sexual harassment.
  • Some staffers don’t believe the harassment allegations leveled against Thrush are a fireable offence.
  • The Times will reportedly conclude the investigation by the end of the month.

The New York Times is reportedly divided over the fate of one of its top reporters who was suspended last month facing harassment allegations.

In November, White House reporter Glenn Thrush was suspended following a report in Vox that detailed allegations from four female journalists that he had acted inappropriately by engaging in unwanted advances including kissing. Thrush, Vox reported, also spread inaccurate rumours about his interactions with at least one woman at Politico, where he worked before joining The Times.

In a story citing employees in the Washington, DC and New York bureaus, Vanity Fair’s Joe Pompeo on Thursday laid out how the investigation into Thrush’s behaviour has divided some staffers, creating “something of a schism” among employees over whether Thrush should return or get fired.

Some key points, according to Vanity Fair:

  • Among a cohort of younger employees, “there’s a sentiment that the Times should set an example amid our cultural awakening – that it would be hard to keep Thrush employed while continuing to lead the charge in covering the reckoning that has entangled him.”
  • But in the Washington, DC bureau, “the prevailing sentiment among Thrush’s colleagues … is that he should not lose his job over the contents of the Vox report.” In DC, staffers believe Thrush “embarrassed the Times” with poor personal behaviour, but that his offenses “are not fireable,” and that the feelings of the bureau are “pretty strong and influential.”
  • Thrush likely won’t return to the White House beat, and is currently in treatment for alcohol abuse.

Many Vox staffers and others were unhappy with the Vanity Fair piece, which they said papered over the accusations against Thrush, and set the stage for his return to the Times.

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