New York Times DC Bureau Gets Another Financial Reporter: Ed Wyatt

edward wyatt

The New York Times’ DC bureau just got another reporter: Edward Wyatt, a veteran Times reporter who will switch from the Los Angeles bureau and report on financial regulation. 

Wyatt was a Business Day reporter for five years, until 2000. Since then he has been reporting on education, the 2004 Democratic, the Tour de France, and other issues, including his current Hollywood business beat in LA.

Wyatt told us in a phone interview that he would be travelling between the coasts for several weeks, but expects to be “essentially full time” in two months. “Financial regulatory reform is probably the biggest thing going on in Washington and Congress right now,” he said. 

According to a staff memo sent by D.C. editors Larry Ingrassia and Dean Baquet and forwarded to us in an email:

While financial regulation will be a main focus [for] Ed, particularly this year, he also will help cover–along with Bizday beat reporters–the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, all of which are at the nexus of regulation of business and commerce.

Ed’s move to Washington is the second step–after Sewell Chan’s move to cover the Fed and Treasury–of our rebuilding of The Times‘s economic and business team in D.C. And there still is more to come.

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