Jon Stewart Asks NYT Media Editor Why They Don't Just Sell Groupon Massages In Baghdad


The New York Times media desk editor Bruce Headlam pinch hit on Thursday night’s Daily Show for under-the-weather “Page One” director Andrew Rossi.

And you know what? The dude’s a star.

As it turns out, however, Headlam wasn’t too excited about the filming process.

“I was nervous,” he told Jon Stewart. “I didn’t want to do it, but it was presented to me by my boss, Bill Keller, and I said that enough of my reporters wanted to do it that I would go along with it, but I wasn’t in favour of it.”

Stewart also wondered why Groupon is worth billions and the Times, well, is not so much.

Headlam said it was all about expenses, which come from sending reporters to Afghanistan, having a bureau in Baghdad, and so on.

“If they were offering massages in Bahgdad, it would be a whole different story,” the editor said.

There was a great moment between the host and the editor about Brian Stelter, Times wonderboy.

“Brian urges all of us to embrace Twitter,” Headlam said. “I encourage Brian to send his expenses to Twitter. That doesn’t seem to have taken hold yet.”

The paper needs to be around. Why?

“The Times is the like great straight guy of America. Everybody gets to tell the jokes off of what we do.”

Cue Stewart’s chagrin.

Video below.

The Daily Show – Bruce Headlam
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