Guess Which European City The New York Times Argue Is More Attractive To Visit Than Paris, Madrid And Vienna

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Birmingham.Yes, in its list of attractive destinations to visit in 2012, the New York Times included England’s second largest city as the 19th most visitable place this year. But why Birmingham?

Is it because it’s the city responsible for Ozzy Osbourne? Well, no. Actually Birmingham has made the list because of its culinary prowess which isn’t something you hear said about anywhere British too often.The Times writes:

“The chefs are building on an already rich dining scene. Birmingham is famous in Britain for its Balti Triangle, an area of town that is home to a beloved Pakistani-Kashmiri curry dish invented here; it is also birthplace to such classically British food items as Typhoo Tea, Bird’s Custard and HP Sauce.”

The news has delighted those from Birmingham, such as Independent writer Rob Hastings, who admits “”second-rate reputation: a bleak landscape of Indian or MSG-dominated Chinese, enlivened only by a couple of half-decent Francophile outfits.”

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