New York Times (NYT) Clinging to TimesSelect, Partial Feeds


Although it may not always seem like it, we’re rooting for the Times.  So here are two suggestions we’ve made before, one of which was seconded today by Poynteronline:

  1. Kill TimesSelect, the slow-growing subscription service that generates inconsequential revenue of about $11 million and, in the meantime, hides the paper’s most influential columnists behind a firewall, and
  2. Go to full feeds.  It’s not just we and hundreds of Freakonomics readers who are recommending the latter.  Amy Gahran at Poynteronline is banging the same drum.  Go full and figure out a good feed-advertising solution…instead of forcing readers to do something many of them hate to do.

These two “features” are relics of your Big Media past.  Ditch ’em.  And if the new strategy doesn’t work, don’t worry, because you’ll have plenty of company.  We, for one, will go down the tubes with you.

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