These Uncanny Paintings Of The New York City Subway Will Give You Chills

The best artists take something familiar and completely transform how a viewer sees it.

Among the contemporary masters of this is Japanese artist Hisaya Taira, whose works were on display this weekend at the ArtHampton’s Fine Arts Fair, through the Anthony Brunelli gallery.

Taira’s best-known works are uncanny, photo-realistic paintings of New York City subway stations — scenes you’ll instantly recognise, but which you won’t believe were actually created with acrylic.

We emailed Taira to ask how he views the scenes. The subway, he told us via email, is a place anyone can easily access, and therefore everyone takes for granted — “nobody usually notices that is a place which becomes a picture, but you can rediscover” it through drawing. It’s also a place where “feelings like hope and anxiety [are] condensed.”

Check it out:

(h/t Peteski)

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