The Official Map Of New York Startups

OK, we’ve had enough articles about whether or not New York City is a good place to launch a startup. So here’s a new question:

If you are starting up in the city, in what part of town should you drop anchor?

Starting with the 20 hot startups we profiled last week, we’re plotting the city’s promising young companies on the map below. We’ll keep updating and expanding it, so let us know if you have suggestions. Some trends thus far:

  • No surprises here, but people love to be in Manhattan. A few of our startups are in Brooklyn, as are tons more that weren’t quite on our list, but the 212 is clearly in the lead, and the other three boroughs aren’t even competing.
  • Until now, we’d never understood why Foursquare gave out a “Far Far Away” badge for checking-in north of 59th street, but clearly their attitude isn’t unusual in the startup community. SpeakerText is the only uptown startup we looked at.

Check it out:

View NYC’s Most Promising Start-ups in a larger map

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