80% FAIL RATE: Meet 13 Of The Many New York City Restaurants That Closed Last Year


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Around one thousand restaurants opened last year in New York City.Eight hundred of them will go out of business within the next five years.

Those scary statistics come from the documentary Eat This New York. It’s a few years old, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the fail rate is higher due to increased competition and a crappy economy.

For restaurants that survive, the rewards are a share of the state’s impressive $31 billion in annual sales, according to the National Restaurant Association.

What kind of mistakes drive a restaurant out of business? We studied 13 restaurants that closed in the past year, some which lasted only months, others which lasted decades. And we found their best and worst reviews on Yelp.

Five Years: Vince & Eddie's

Two Years: Anthos

Why it closed: The Michelin rated restaurant was sold to reopen as a steakhouse.

Worst review: 'The service was Terrible. That is my main problem, because the food was fine (at Restaurant week prices anyway,) but the service was AWFUL. Our server was late to greet us, dropped things and was totally overwhelmed.

One year and a half: Barzinho

Why it closed: The space was seized by the city marshal on the landlord's behalf.

Worst review: 'The experience was so sub-par that it finally prompted me to set up a Yelp account and warn potential diners of just how bad this place is.'

Best review: 'Let me tell you something. It doesn't get more authentic than Barzinho. This hidden gem brought so back many smiles and memories of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.'

Three Months: Lingua

60-eight years: P&G Bar and Grill

Why it closed: 'Cant get past some old demons(and some old debt),' says its fourth-generation owner.

Worst review: 'If I could give this place negative stars, I would. Worst service and just incredibly rude.'

Best review: 'Had my bday party here. Nice staff. Great space. Different live music each night. It's my fave neighbourhood bar.'

20-Five Years: Moran's

Five Years: Floridita Tapas

Five Years: TOWN

Three Years: Wall Street Burger Shoppe

Why it closed: Famous for its $175 Kobe beef and foie gras burger, the restaurant filed for bankruptcy this past June.

Worst review: 'The burgers are quite good, but service has to count for some of the rating, and it was so bad that I cannot give my approval. Overall, the service during lunch was utterly atrocious.'

Best review: 'This is the best burger in the 5 boroughs. Nothing special in terms of ingredients, it's not rocket science, and it doesn't make any trendy pretensions like foie gras burgers with goat cheese and micro-greens and an onion foam, just really well seasoned and well prepared burgers.'

Two and a half years: Motorino

Why it closed: 'The stupidity of our landlord is a force we were not able to overcome,' they said in a statement.

Worst review: 'I think this place is trying to be way more than it really is.'

Best review: 'Hands down the best pizza I've had in years.'

One Year: Stivale

One Year: 5 Burro Cafe

Two Months: Nicky's Pho

We can only assume these excellent restaurants will last

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