A New York restaurant is serving spaghetti in a completely different way

A Manhattan restaurant is aiming to make spaghetti portable. 

Emanuele Attala, chef and co-owner of Spaghetti Incident on the Lower East Side, tells QSR Magazine that in his hometown of Rimini, Italy, it is customary to put pasta in a paper cone. 


“During the summer they do a festival on the beach … They use this kind of yellow paper, typical for butcher or fish market. Wrapped in a cone in this kind of a paper [is] a salad and pasta,” he said. 

Attala started practicing this at his restaurant, using double layered, high-quality paper to keep the items from leaking. 

The New York Times reportsthat the cones of pasta cost from $US6 to $US12. 

 “You can get properly al dente spaghetti or bucatini with various sauces, and also salads and arancini, in sturdy paper cones with lids,” the Times writes. 

Attala tells QSR he is considering opening a food truck that only serves spaghetti in cones. 


“It is much better in the cone, and it’s cool. It looks like ice cream,” he tells QSR. “You can try to walk in the street and have the flat plastic to-go [box], you have to stop yourself. With a cone, you can keep walking.”

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