Some New York Private Schools Are Now More Expensive Than Harvard

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A private-school education in New York City now costs, on average, more than a semester at Harvard University. The top-tier New York City schools are all starting to hover around the $40,000-per-semester mark, way above the rest of the country, the New York Times‘ Jenny Anderson and Rachel Ohm report.During the past 10 years, New York City private school tuition has increased by 48 per cent, according to information 41 New York City private schools submitted to the National Association of Independent Schools.

In comparison, tuition at the rest of the country’s private school’s increased by just 35 per cent, Anderson and Ohm reported.

In the past 10 years, Ivy League colleges have only increased tuition 24 per cent. All of the data has been adjusted for inflation.

Some of the most expensive schools in the city are Columbia Grammar and Preparatory ($38,340 for the 12th grade), Horace Mann ($37,275 for upper school), and Riverdale Country School ($40,450). 

In the analysis, the reporters found that parents refrained from complaining, because they were afraid it would hurt their child’s standing or hurt the chances of their younger children receiving admission into the school.

Several administrators told The New York Times tuition increases can be attributed to increase in teacher’s salary, benefits cost increasing, and the maintaining of the expensive facilities that make the school so desirable to parents.

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