The Mets Are A Disaster On The Field, But At Least They've Learned How To Put Out Fires Off It

mike pelfrey ra dickey new york metsMike Pelfrey and R.A. Dickey learning how to put out fires

Photo: AP (Via Big League Stew)

The biggest baseball move the New York Mets made this offseason was probably their signing of the broken down Chris Young earlier this week, so needless to say, the team looks destined for yet another losing season.Since this whole baseball thing isn’t going so well, members of the Mets are already preparing for their future careers.

R.A. Dickey, Mike Pelfrey, and other Mets players attended a New York Fire Department training academy yesterday and learned how to handle rappel down buildings, put out car fires, and handle other heated situations. 

Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra raises a good point about the safety of this little bonding excursion:

“I like the community outreach — and will always remember the deep connection formed between the New York baseball teams and the police and fire departments following 9/11 — but query: don’t player contracts usually prohibit ballplayers from cycling and skiing and playing pickup basketball and stuff?  Yet we’re cool with them putting out fires and being suspended several stories above concrete?”

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