A Sportswriter Snapped On Twitter And Revealed The New York Mets’ Secret History Of Mistreating Injuries

new york mets collapse

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Adam Rubin, a Mets beat writer for ESPN New York, published a long series of tweets last night alleging that the Mets have consistently misdiagnosed, ignored, and covered up injuries.Here are the instances he mentioned:

  • J.J. Putz: “Doctors advised J.J. Putz to have bone chips removed from elbow, which would’ve cost 6 weeks. Mets said shoot him w/ cortisone. He tore UCL.”
  • Billy Wagner: “Mets exec calling Billy Wagner a wimp for complaining of elbow discomfort during sim game in Pittsburgh. Wagner needed Tommy John surgery.”
  • Ryan Church: “Thanks for reminding me about Ryan Church flying from Atlanta to Colorado with concussion. He said he felt like boater bobbing on Bering Sea”
  • Johan Santana: “They announced Johan had pec strain and let him throw bullpen at Wrigley Field before diagnosing torn anterior capsule.”
  • Jose Reyes: “Found oldie: Early in Reyes career, Mets wanted him tougher. They had Art Howe tell him ‘spit on it’ to injury. Had undiagnosed fibula break”
  • Brian Schneider: “Ryan Church says to Brian Schneider, ‘Your knee looks swollen. Go see trainer.’ Schneider to Church: ‘They don’t want to hear it.'”
  • Ike Davis: “Except for the fact diagnosis of cartilage damage originally was missed and a boot Ike then wore constricted circulation and stalled healing”

The Davis injury, and GM Sandy Alderson’s insistence that it was handled correctly this week, is what finally set Rubin off.

Who knows how many of these were honest mistakes and how much of them were caused by some sort of organizational philosophy to downplay injuries. But it’s really bad for the team.

The mistreatment of injuries may have cost them a chance at a playoff run when they had those talent-rich teams in the mid-00s. And in the future, what self-respecting free agent is going to join the Mets with this history?