Check Out The Coolest Costumes From The 2011 New York Marathon


Photo: Lauren Brown

Most people can’t run 26.2 miles in running gear let alone decked out in a costume. But every year, runners from around the world add their own sense of whimsy to the New York City marathon in unique dress.There was even more of a need to stand out to friends and family that watched from the sidelines since a record 47,438 runners participated in the race.

This year wigs, kilts, tutus and animal headgear were popular. However, a few runners went above and beyond donning face paint, masks and full costumes of superheros, movie characters and some hard to decipher originals.

British pride

Bunny ears finishes early on

This man is adjusting his head-to-toe yellow suit that covered his face

Superwoman taking it easy as she nears the finish

A happy sumo wrestler

The Steeler's Troy Polamalu

Looking fly in a white tux


Run Lola Run

Another superhero

Run Forrest

Like a pimp

Captain America

Ian's package care of Michelangelo

Even the pace team leaders were festive

A tired looking mouse?

A male Minnie Mouse

What a lovely kimono

Wings for propulsion

Iron Man

A hippie

Hello James!

A flock of geese

Gold lame

Love for the G-Men

He must have been hot

French prisoners?

Not a party without the King


Hey Santa

Army fatigues and a rucksack

This guy was wearing an open backpack frontways and sketching the marathon at a slower pace

Here's a look at last year's costumes

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