Everything That's Wrong With The New York Knicks In One Sequence

The New York Knicks played the Washington Wizards at Madison Square Garden on Monday night, and it was another rough loss. The Knicks botched the final 20 seconds and lost 102-101.

The final sequence showcased exactly what’s wrong with them right now.

Here’s the game-winning basket:

There was no rim protection. Bradley Beal drives right to the hoop for an uncontested layup with nobody underneath the basket:

Beno Udrih also didn’t foul when he was left out to dry, even though the Knicks had a foul to give.

The Knicks clock management following the basket was even worse than the defence.

Down 102-101, Carmelo Anthony had about 6.9 seconds to get down the court, but he didn’t push the ball.

With 3.6 seconds left he isn’t even past half court:

He ends up settling for a contested off-balance three-point shot when they only needed two to win:

Meanwhile, they still had three timeouts, which they could have used to advanced the ball and draw up a play right after Beal scored:

After the game:

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