The Next Two Weeks Are Going To Be Brutal For The Jets

mark sanchez against carolina panthers in nfl preseason for new york jets

Photo: AP

The Jets are about to enter the most gruelling stretch of their season.They play the 49ers, Texans, and Colts at home before travelling to New England to play the Patriots.

If the nightmare scenario — where the struggling Jets panic and pull Mark Sanchez for Tim Tebow — is going to occur, it’ll happen at some point during this stretch.

San Francisco and Houston both have top-5 defenses. Mark Sanchez is not going to put up eye-popping numbers against those two teams, just like great QBs like Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, and Peyton Manning all struggled against them this season. The difference is that those QBs are entrenched starters, whereas Sanchez has the specter of Tebowmania lurking over his shoulder.

It’s very likely that the Jets will be 2-3 going into Week Six. If you’re thinking rationally, that’s not a disaster at all considering their schedule. But we all know that the Jets don’t work rationally, so a 2-3 record and four-straight underwhelming performances could very well send this team into disarray.

But there’s hope.

If they are able to avoid utter disaster by going 2-2 in the next four weeks, or even going 1-3 while keeping every game close, their schedule gets a lot easier and it’s conceivable that they could make a strong second-half push.

The Jets, as dysfunctional as they potentially can be, are not a bad team. They can move the ball against weak secondaries and stop teams that can’t do multiple things on offence. So games against Miami, Seattle, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Buffalo shouldn’t be that difficult down the stretch.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel for the Jets, but it’s still a question if they can make it through the gauntlet.

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