Summit, NJ, Residents To Gather At Rex Ryan's House For A Playoff Pep Rally

rex ryan house

When New York Jets coach Rex Ryan wakes up Saturday morning to begin his journey to Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship, he’s in for a big surprise.

Leaders of his current hometown of Summit, New Jersey, are organising a sendoff outside Ryan’s home at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow morning

The town’s high school football coach, mayor, and councilman are encouraging Summit citizens to join them there with signs, jerseys, and well-wishes to express their appreciation for Ryan’s accomplishments this season. 

Of course, now everyone knows where the Ryan family lives. According to, the 5-bedroom home where they are planning to gather was purchased for $2.25M after Ryan became coach of the Jets in 2009.

Summit football coach John Liberato experienced a sendoff first-hand last year when he led Summit High School to the North II Group II state football championship.

“It’s just a great feeling of loyalty and support that you get and it actually makes you want to work harder,” Liberato said. “The sendoff is a Summit tradition.”

Here's Ryan's house from the front

The foyer

The kitchen (possibly Rex's favourite room in the house)

Another look at the kitchen

Empty room

And a look from the backyard

Nice, but not quite as impressive as this...

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