STUDY: New York Is 'The Least Free State By A Considerable Margin'

new york free

New York City may not be the dirtiest city in America, but New York State is the least free in the country.

Animal New York links to a Rutgers study claiming that “New York is the least free by a considerable margin” based on the “public policies that affect individual freedoms in the economic, social, and personal spheres.”

The Empire States finished 40th in Regulatory Freedom, 48th in Personal Freedom, and dead last in Regulatory Freedom and Economic Freedom.

New Jersey also fared poorly coming in 49th overall. New Hamsphire and South Dakota are the freest.

Here are the study’s three recommendations for New York:

(1)    The most liberal state in the country can surely find the political will to legalise same-sex partner- ships of some kind.
(2)    Cut spending in all the areas mentioned above, privatize (and rate-regulate) transit systems, and cut taxes across the board.
(3) Reduce the burdensome testing, notification, and recordkeeping requirements on homeschoolers.

You can find the data used here.

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