New York combined the Amazon logo and its iconic 'I Love New York' slogan, and the original designer doesn't think it looks good

  • New York state revealed its bid for Amazon’s HQ2 office earlier this week.
  • The first page includes the iconic “I Love New York” logo, only with Amazon’s arrow logo in place of the heart.
  • “In this particular case, the Amazon logo is not very harmonious with the rest of the logo,” the logo’s original designer told Curbed.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York once said he would change his name to “Amazon Cuomo” if New York City won its bid to host Amazon’s second headquarters.

As it turns out, New York won. Amazon split the contest, with the borough of Queens set to get one of two new Amazon “HQ2” offices, which the company expects to employ as many as 25,000 employees each over the next decade. (Northeastern Virginia is set to host the other half.)

Though Cuomo hasn’t changed his name yet, the full New York bid for HQ2, revealed Monday, had another mash-up of New York icons: the famous “I ❤ NY” logo combined with the Amazon arrow.

It’s on the first page of the document. Take a look:

I Amazon New YorkNYCEDC

While it’s not immediately clear what the combination logo means – “I Amazon New York” or maybe “I Arrow New York”? – the original designer is not a fan.

Milton Glaser designed the original “I Love New York” logo in 1977 when the state needed to boost tourism. “In this particular case, the Amazon logo is not very harmonious with the rest of the logo,” he told Curbed in an email.

The state originally submitted the “New York Metro Area Amazon HQ2 Proposal” to Amazon in October 2017.

New York's rending of HQ2 in Long Island City, from back in 2017NYCEDCNew York’s rending of HQ2 in Long Island City, Queens, from back in 2017.

The proposal includes new images and renderings of what HQ2 could look like in Queens. Amazon is also planning to create up to 25,000 jobs in Arlington, Virginia. Virginia’s proposal also included somewhat of a name change, rebranding a neighbourhood called Crystal City as “National Landing.”

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