Giants Fans Will Decide If A Linebacker Visits A Children's Hospital Dressed As A Cafeteria Lady Or Thumb-Sucking Baby

Mark Herzlich, Giants linebacker


A New York Giants rookie linebacker will spend his Halloween visiting children at the Hackensack University Medical centre.It’s a very noble act.

Except children shouldn’t expect to see Mark Herzlich, the football player. Instead, they will enjoy the company of Herzlich, the school cafeteria lady. Or Herzlich, the thumb-sucking, piggyback-riding baby. 

The choice is yours. Just head to to vote on the preferred costume. As you can see from the image taken Monday afternoon, baby Herzlich holds a commanding lead. 

The Giants are doing a wonderful thing. There’s no question about that. But these images are fairly disturbing. Were the Batman and Zombie costumes sold out?

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