New York Democrats Will Anoint Andrew Cuomo Governor Any Moment Now

The response to the NYT’s latest David Paterson bombshell is unanimous: This one buried him.

Whatever political decisions he makes at this point seem to be irrelevent.

POLITICO’s Ben Smith captures the mood among New York Democrats, who are set to make AG Andrew Cuomo their next candidate:

“If these allegations are true that he directly intervened in a criminal investigation, I don’t think there’s any way he can recover from this,” said a New York Democratic political consultant, Scott Levenson. “There’s going to be an increasingly loud drumbeat within the Democratic Party for David Paterson not to seek re-election.”

…”This is a lethal combination,” said another New York Democratic consultant, Hank Sheinkopf, noting that allegations of out-of-control aides and a politicized police force had also played a role in Spitzer’s fall.


“This creates the potential for a clarion call for Andrew to effectively be drafted by the Democratic Party Establishment,” he said.

Wall Street may appreciate Cuomo’s move from a role where his job is to go after industry, to one where his job requires him to be mindful of state tax revenues. Of course, that was some of the thinking when Eliot Spitzer made the jump, and so the message to the next AG will be the same: go after the moneymen; it’s the route to the Governor’s mansion.

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