New York Daily News tears into Trump's response to the Parkland mass shooting: 'He never mentioned a word' about 'guns flooding our streets'

Daily News

The New York Daily News touted a provocative front-page cover ahead of publication on Wednesday night.

The illustration shows President Donald Trump, his mouth taped over with the the logo of the National Rifle Association.

The cover appears to be a response to the listening session at the White House hosted by the president on Wednesday. During the session students, parents, teachers and other officials discussed their experiences of the February 14 mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, and potential responses moving forward.

During the session, Trump spoke of strengthening background checks, providing more treatment to people who have mental illnesses and arming teachers with guns.

But the Daily News appears to be targeting the actual number of guns Americans own, saying on its cover that Trump “never mentioned a word about the 300 million guns flooding our streets.”

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