'I'm with racist!': Brutal New York Daily News cover mocks Paul Ryan for standing by Donald Trump

The New York Daily News released a cover mocking House Speaker Paul Ryan for standing by his endorsement of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump despite saying recent comments of his represented “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

Ryan later clarified that he thinks the comment is racist rather than the candidate himself, but still, the damage was done.

Here’s the Daily News cover:

Trump has prompted a firestorm of criticism in recent days with his attacks on US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel over his Mexican heritage.

Trump has repeatedly said Curiel, who is presiding over two lawsuits involving the real-estate mogul’s now-defunct Trump University, cannot be impartial because “he’s a Mexican.” The brash billionaire argued Curiel’s heritage is relevant because of Trump’s promise to build a wall along the US-Mexico border if he’s elected in November.

Curiel was born in Indiana. His parents are Mexican.

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