Jam-Packed Comic Con Takes Over New York City

comic con

New York Comic Con is a huge annual event that attracts comic book fans, video gamers and anime lovers from around the world. But above all, it’s a place for brands to get people amped for their newest products.

With all the media, industry folk and consumers gobbling up everything in the venue, conventions like NYCC are big stops on the tour for big brands like Marvel, DC Comics and Dark Horse. Gaming brands like Activision and Square-Enix had big sections, and even non-industry brands like Chevrolet and Sprint were prominently displayed.

We went down to the jam-packed Javits centre over the weekend to check out all the happenings. Here’s what we saw:

Welcome to New York Comic Con! At the Javits centre in Manhattan

The place was absolutely packed. This is one of three huge main sections of the venue

This stage dominated the area -- all you could hear was Black Eyed Peas music blasting if you were anywhere in its vicinity

DC Comics had its own large section, with a big promo for its about-to-be-released Batman: Arkham City game

This guy was enjoying testing out the game before it comes out

Ubisoft's booth featured Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Tons more video game booths were stuffed into this section of the complex

A promo for the new Spiderman movie was right up front

But Spidey didn't compare to this massive Optimus Prime towering over everybody

Bumblebee was a big attraction as well, as a part of Chevrolet's spot in the corner

That's not all -- they also had this custom-painted Chevy Sonic on display

Sprint set up this gaming area, and fights were broadcast on the big screens above

Activision's Prototype 2 had a prominent display for its demo, with this big helicopter facade

But it was nothing compared to Marvel's giant Avengers stage, which had a crowd permanently gathered around it

The Legendary Pictures booth had a Batman suit from the Dark Knight

And the UglyDolls posed for pictures with fans of the plush toys

There was a good amount of space dedicated to Star Wars products. Fans got a look (and were able to play) a demo of Bioware's upcoming Star Wars game

And there were plenty of action figures and statuettes to look at or buy, scattered amongst the booths

These Godzilla figures had bad intentions

One booth had a bunch of Android merchandise on display

And of course, there were cosplayers all over. The ones with the best outfits were constantly called on to pose for the cameras, like this girl

And these two

We don't know why Gumby was staring at us, but it's terrifying

On the other side of the floor, ESL (and Intel) hosted a Starcraft 2 tournament on the jumbo screen, and a huge crowd gathered to watch the professional gamers go at it

Upstairs was the New York Anime Festival's area, where artists from all over came to show off (and sell) their work

Sorry Master Chief -- no time to hang out at the Mega Bloks area. We've got to go

Hopefully the products they're promoting won't end up like these:

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