New York City slams 'suburban office parks' in the $5 billion battle for Amazon's new headquarters

Amazon Bookstore NYCSarah JacobsAmazon’s bookstore in New York City.

New York won’t be left behind if it has anything to say about it.

Alicia Glen, the city’s deputy mayor in charge of economic devlopment, told Bloomberg that the New York diversity of the city’s econmoy and industries, and the desire for young people to work in the city is enough to lure Amazon without big financial incentives.

“Kids want to work in NYC,” she said. “They don’t want to be in a suburban office park”

The city is now gathering proposals from landowners, developers, and econonmic groups in the city to make a specific single pitch to Amazon. Everything is being considered, including parcels of land in outer boroughs or across boroughs.

“For a company like Amazon that wants to be in all of these different sectors, they have to be thinking this is a great place to put roots down for the next half century,” Glen told the website.

With high housing costs and low subsidies, New York faces steep comepition to bring Amazon to its city. More than 50 cities across the US and Canada are expected to submit bids to Amazon by October 19, each hoping to be the site of Amazon’s new $US5 billion headqurters.

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