New York City Taxi Drivers Are Living Extremely Unhealthy Lives


You always assumed that New York taxi drivers weren’t the healthiest people. How could they be, given the amount of time they spend sitting down?

But a recent report by Jonathan Camhi in the Gotham Gazette reveals disturbingly dire health conditions. Here are some of them:

  • More than 20 per cent of drivers have cardiovascular disease or cancer.
  • 52 per cent of the city’s cabbies are uninsured, twice the rate of the average American.
  • Many cabbies have kidney problems, as they have trouble finding a place to park when they want to use the bathroom.
  • Because cabbies exercise so little and eat fast food, there is a high rate of diabetes and high blood pressure among them.

Although cabbies get free health screenings, many don’t have time to use them. According to Streetsblog, cabbies spend more time on the road than long-haul truckers.

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