One of Manhattan's latest luxury apartment buildings has an amenity that cost-conscious residents will love

Me and General DesignA rendering of Perch Harlem, Manhattan’s first passive rental building.

Manhattan now has its first rental apartment building that meets passive standards, meaning it requires little energy to achieve comfortable temperatures year-round.

The luxury building, dubbed Perch Harlem, consumes 80% less energy than one of similar size, said Justin Palmer, CEO of Synapse Development Group. That means residents will save money on air-conditioning and heating costs.

But that doesn’t mean it’s cheap to live there. Monthly rents range from $US2,500 to $US5,500 for one-and-two-bedroom apartments respectively.

Take a look inside Perch Harlem, which opened in October.

Synapse built the $US8.5 million complex at 542 West 153th Street in Harlem, a Manhattan neighbourhood that has quickly gentrified in recent years. The building’s facade features an abstract window design.

Me and General Design

The development has 34 units.

Me and General DesignA rendering of a hallway at Perch Harm in Manhattan, New York.

The units range in size from 520 square feet to 900 square feet.

Me and General Design

As Manhattan’s first passive rental building, Perch Harlem’s heavily insulated walls are airtight. Every unit also includes triple-pane windows that reduce energy consumption.

Me and General Design

There are already several passive apartment buildings in outer boroughs. In 2015, Brooklyn’s solar-powered R-951 Residence became NYC’s first apartment building to gain passive and net-zero energy certifications.

Tenants also have access to a gym, lounges, and a roof terrace.

Me and General Design

The architect behind the project is Chris Benedict, who is known for designing energy-efficient buildings at no extra cost to developers. Palmer said that’s true for Perch Harlem as well.

Me and General DesignA rendering of a lounge at Perch Harm in Manhattan, New York.

Source: Curbed

Palmer believes that passive is the “the right way to build.”

Me and General DesignA rendering of a lounge at Perch Harm in Manhattan, New York.

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