Michelin just announced its 2019 New York City restaurant list — and 16 restaurants made the list for the first time

  • Michelin just released its 2019 New York City restaurant list.
  • In total, it features 76 starred NYC restaurants. Sixteen of those are on the list for the first time.
  • Only five restaurants in New York City have the coveted three-star status. Keep reading for a look at the full list.

Michelin just released its 2019 selection of standout New York City restaurants.

In total, the list features 76 restaurants, 16 of which appear on the list for the first time. Beyond that, five restaurants have seen their status elevated from the 2018 ranking.

If you’re wondering what, exactly, each level means, Michelin provides the following context: one star means the restaurant is “high quality cooking, worth a stop”; two stars means “excellent cooking, worth a detour,”; and three stars means “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.”

To quantify just how “special” that journey is, Eater New York reports that there are just over 120 restaurants with three-star status – worldwide.

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Michelin’s ratings are determined by anonymous food inspectors.

Take a look below for all 76 restaurants on the 2019 NYC Michelin list.

Julie Zeveloff contributed to the original version of this post.

One Star Restaurants

A bowl of Gazpacho from Café Boulud.
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  1. Agern
  2. Ai Fiori
  3. Aldea
  4. Atomix (NEW)
  5. Babbo
  6. Bar Uchū
  7. Bâtard
  8. Blue Hill
  9. Bouley at Home (NEW)
  10. Café Boulud
  11. Café China
  12. Carbone
  13. Casa Enrique
  14. Casa Mono
  15. Caviar Russe
  16. Claro (NEW)
  17. The Clocktower
  18. Contra
  19. Cote
  20. Del Posto
  21. Faro
  22. The Finch
  23. Gotham Bar and Grill
  24. Gramercy Tavern
  25. Günter Seeger NY
  26. Hirohisa
  27. Jeju Noodle Bar (NEW)
  28. Jewel Bako
  29. Junoon
  30. Kajitsu
  31. Kanoyama
  32. Kosaka (NEW)
  33. Kyo Ya
  34. L’Appart
  35. Le Coucou (NEW)
  36. Le Grill de Joël Robuchon (NEW)
  37. Meadowsweet
  38. The Musket Room
  39. Nix
  40. Noda (NEW)
  41. NoMad
  42. Okuda (NEW)
  43. Oxomoco (NEW)
  44. Peter Luger
  45. The River Café
  46. Satsuki
  47. Sushi Amane
  48. Sushi Inoue
  49. Sushi Nakazawa (NEW)
  50. Sushi Noz (NEW)
  51. Sushi Yasuda
  52. Tempura Matsui
  53. Tuome (NEW)
  54. Uncle Boons
  55. Wallsé
  56. ZZ’s Clam Bar

Two Star Restaurants

A box of fresh offerings from Sushi Ginza Onadera.
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  1. Aquavit
  2. Aska
  3. Atera
  4. Blanca
  5. Daniel
  6. Gabriel Kreuther (NEW)
  7. Ichimura at Uchū (NEW)
  8. Jean-Georges
  9. Jungsik
  10. Ko
  11. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (NEW)
  12. Marea
  13. The Modern
  14. Sushi Ginza Onodera
  15. Tetsu Basement (NEW, closed)

Three Star Restaurants

Inside the kitchen at Eleven Madison Park.
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  1. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare
  2. Eleven Madison Park
  3. Le Bernardin
  4. Masa
  5. Per Se

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