PHOTOS: The Weirdest And Wildest Outfits Of The New York City Marathon

new york city marathon crazy costumes

Photo: Saucy Salad

We have a lot of respect for the approximately 35,000 people who run the New York City Marathon each year.But we’re simply in awe of the runners who go a step beyond spandex and sports bras and deck out in full costume for the 26.2 mile journey.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite wacky outfits from marathons past. You can bet we’ll be keeping an eye out for creative ideas at this Sunday’s marathon (and cheering on BI’s own Glynnis MacNicol).

This runner channeled The King for inspiration during the race

This isn't a lazy cat

These tiger hats double as ear warmers

Thanksgiving is just right around the corner..

If he was truly a Jack of all Trades, he'd be doing a triathlon

This guy is just clowning around

This couple renewed their wedding vows at the 17th mile -- the same place they were married during the 2000 New York City Marathon

Wouldn't that tutu slow you down?

This pair needed some magic to finish the race

He's running for his country

Doesn't it get sweaty under that wig?

Clown hair is always a popular accessory

This lady is channeling super-hero powers to get her through the race

Even Gumby is racing!


The circus is in town

She's very bright and sunny, just like her wig

This guy went all out for Tigger

We heard bananas are good snacks for runners

The Green Man is running too! We wondered if he really kept his face covered the whole time

Uncle Sam wants YOU to run the marathon!

For all those cheese heads out there

I bet this guy wasn't hot during the race

This athlete has a pretty standard uniform, but we think it's funny he slept in it. Guess he didn't want to miss the starting gun!

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