Here’s What New York City Looks Like Right Now As Irene Passes Through

Hurricane Irene is passing through New York City right now.

NY1 is reporting heavy rains around various parts of the city and high waters along the Hudson and Coney Island. 

I took a walk around Brooklyn Heights earlier and while there are a few small trees down, many people are out walking their dogs.  Over here it mostly it just feels like a heavy rainstorm except there are very few cars on the streets.

I snapped some pictures.


manhattan irene
Here’s what Manhattan looks like from the Brooklyn Heights Promendade.

manhattan irene before
And here is what Manhattan looked like last night around 5pm.


Meanwhile the East river is very high.  If you look closely you can see where it’s risen past the barriers that separate it from parts of the Brooklyn Bridge park and Pier 6.

manhattan irene east river pier
That’s Governor’s Island off to the left. In the distance you can sort of make out the Statue of Liberty
manhattan irene brooklyn bridge park
Parts of Brooklyn Bridge park have overflowed.
manhattan irene brooklyn promenade
However, even a hurricane will not keep New Yorkers inside their (tiny) apartments.
manhattan irene brooklyn sidewalk
Or from seeing to the needs of their dogs.


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