New York City Gets Tip Jars That Take Credit Cards



A new invention lets patrons tip coffee baristas or bartenders on a credit card. DipJar is a credit card scanner that’s shaped like a tip jar and lets consumers charge $1 to their credit cards, Amber Sutherland at the New York Post reported

The inventor told the Post what inspired him: 

Ryder Kessler, 26, said he dreamed up the gadget after watching baristas go tipless as a cashless crowd came through a cafe near his West Village home.

“Everyone was paying with credit or debit, so the tips had plummeted,” Kessler said. “Baristas take really great care of me, and I didn’t like that they were working just as hard and making less money.”

There are two DipJars in Manhattan at coffee shop Oren’s Daily Roast. 

The DipJar inventor explained how it works: 

“Retailers talk with us to receive a DipJar. Once it’s in hand, they simply register it through this website (including telling us who’s working at the store and a bit of information about the location). Then they simply plug the DipJar into a power outlet and they can start accepting tips.”

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