New York City Film And TV Production In Jeopardy


Over the past few years, TV and film production in New York has proliferated thanks to tax credits that made it cheaper to film in the city than in Los Angeles. But now the days of stumbling onto the sets of Gossip Girl or 30 Rock may be coming to an end, threatening a thriving part of New York’s economy.

The aforementioned tax credit has run out of money. Already none of next season’s pilots are being filmed in New York, and there’s a very real concern that if funding for the tax credit program is not renewed, once current projects wrap up, they could be headed for points north or west as well. And beyond fans being disappointed at not being able to see their favourite stars around town, cutbacks in local production will obviously lead to job losses for crew members.

While its hard to imagine particularly New York-centric shows like Gossip Girl, 30 Rock and Damages (which incidentally is shot in New York because that’s what Glenn Close wanted) relocating, all are suffering from low ratings and we wonder how their respective networks will feel about keeping underperforming shows on their schedules that are also costing more to produce.

Meanwhile, we wouldn’t be surprised if shows like Fringe and Ugly Betty, who chose to shoot in New York specifically because of the tax breaks, left town.

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