VINTAGE PHOTOS: Take A Tour Of Manhattan In The 1940s

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Photo: Charles W. Cushman Photography Collection / Indiana University Archives

Amateur photographer Charles W. Cushman traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad capturing daily life from 1938 to 1969.His works have been donated to and maintained by Cushman’s alma mater Indiana University, which has kindly given us permission to publish his gallery of New York City photos taken in 1941, 1942 and 1960.

The old Fulton Market, Manhattan's Lower East Side, Saturday afternoon (1941)

South Street teems with trucks along East River, New York City (1941)

East River below Brooklyn Bridge (1941)

Skyscrapers, Looking toward the Financial District from an East River pier, New York City (1941)

South Ferry bums, on a bench at noon hour at Battery Park (1941)

Lower Manhattan from Jersey City ferry boat (1941)

Approaching Liberty St. ferry (1941)

Tower of Brooklyn Bridge from South St., Manhattan (1941)

Looking up into Financial District from South Ferry (1941)

Statue of Liberty from the Battery harbor, New York (1941)

Looking up Fulton St. from South St (1941)

Looking up Riverside Dr. just north of George Washington Bridge (1941)

Residents of lower Clinton St near East river, Saturday afternoon (1941)

Stores near corner of Broome St. and Baruch Place, Lower East Side (1941)

Downtown skyscrapers from East River pier (1941)

Store fronts below brick tenement (1942)

Horse-drawn carriage, Bowling Green (1942)

Collecting the salvage on Lower East Side (1942)

Portable soft drink stand at Bowling Green (1942)

East 7th St between 3rd & 2nd St. (1942)

Chinese store windows, New York (1942)

Crowd gathers during Salvage collection in Lower East Side (1942)

Manhattan's skyscrapers from Jersey City ferry boat (1941)

Empire State Building from 28th St. (1942)

Italian bake shop below Canal St. 58 Mulberry St. New York (1942)

Lower First Avenue (1942)

Street in New York's Chinatown (1942)

Two views -- looking up a street of many races, lower Manhattan (1942)

New York Street Scene, Lower East Side (1942)

Sunday afternoon gossip (1942)

Northeast corner of 1st St. and Bowery (1942)

Hot sweet potatoes cart (1942)

Southeast corner of 1st St. and Bowery (1942)

Produce Exchange, New York (1942)

Up 4th Ave from Astor Place, Cooper Union on the right (1942)

A block between Avenues A and B (1942)

Old lady reads Sunday paper, Lower East Side (1942)

Municipal Building Tower thru 3rd Ave. L. (1942)

A corner on west Canal St. (1942)

Statue of de Peyster, Bowling Green (1942)

Poverty, young and old, black and white (1942)

Corner of Pearl St. (1942)

View up from the Battery, Manhattan (1960)

Up Fifth Avenue from 49th St., New York (1960)

Peter Minuit Plaza, Lower Manhattan (1960)

Toward Brooklyn from South Ferry (1960)

West side of Broadway from Bowling Green (1942)

American Airlines N.Y.-S.F. Flight #15 above East River (1960)

Looking west from 42nd & Broadway (1960)

Staten Island ferry, Lower Manhattan (1960)

West up Maiden Lane from Pearl Street, Manhattan (1960)

New York Stock Exchange (1960)

View north from Herald Square (1960)

The Amy B and Brooklyn skyline (1960)

Whitehall Street from Peter Minuit Plaza near Battery, NYC (1960)

Peter Minuit Plaza lower Manhattan (1960)

View west on Wall Street (1960)

Looking northeast from Gov. Clinton hotel, New York City (1960)

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