People Are Going Crazy Over New York's Cat Café

Nyc cat cafeCarlo Allegri/ReutersA cat smells a Cat’achino at a cat café in New York City.

The already popular business of cat cafés — yes, coffee shops where customers are surrounded by dozens of playful cats — has come to New York.

Purina One’s cat café, a pop-up in the East Village, is open for business today and already attracting a ton of buzz. The café will have experts on hand to discuss cat health and behaviour. There will be adoptable kitties from North Shore Animal League America, too.

The café will be open through April 27, so if you’re a cat lover, head over soon and join the party.

Here is the buzz on Twitter:

Cat cafés, where patrons pay to hang out with cats, have become huge in Japan and spread around the world since the first one opened in Taiwan in 1998. Adorable felines, after all, may be the one thing that Starbucks can’t match.

Here are some shots from inside the Purina coffee shop:

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