Congratulations To The 9,974 New Lawyers In New York!

Elle Woods

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Congratulations to everyone who passed the New York bar exam.And from a glance at the results, quite a few people have a reason to celebrate.

Out of the 11,734 legal hopefuls who took the bar in July, 85 per cent of New York law school grads who took the test for the first time passed, according to official results released Monday.

The overall pass rate — which includes all students educated in the U.S., foreign-educated students, and those who have taken the test more than once — dropped to 68 per cent.

That’s nearly identical to last year’s results. In July 2011, 11,182 students took the exam and of those, 86.3 per cent of New York law grads taking the test for the first time passed.

The overall pass rate last year was 69.2 per cent.

These results are far more encouraging than the number we’re seeing out of Michigan. Of the 967 legal hopefuls who took the test, only 529 passed.

We’ll continue to cover bar exam numbers as they’re released. If you hear of any bar exam numbers being released, send me an email at [email protected]

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