After Selling For $30 Million, Ad Company Felix Got An Office With A Huge Outdoor Space And A Basketball Court


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Felix office tour

Last year, IAC bought New York-based pay-per-call advertising business Felix.

As part of the reportedly $30 million acquisition, IAC rented Felix a new office in Times Square. Felix CEO Brent Metz passed along some photos of the new space.

Felix was previously part of Yext, a business listings startup. When Yext sold Felix, we noted that Felix was responsible for ~90% of Yext’s profits.

Metz couldn’t share any stats on the state of the business since Felix is a part of publicly traded IAC. He did say the office IAC bought has room for 250 employees, even though Felix currently has 100 on staff, suggesting there’s room for big growth.

Felix didn’t move into IAC’s iconic Frank Gehry designed headquarters, because according to Metz, there wasn’t room. While IAC has a cool looking building, this is probably for the best.

Felix’s new office building has a basketball court, and their office has a giant outdoor space.

Felix's headquarters are in the old New York Times building, which is at 43rd street and eighth avenue.

The building's marble lobby, with high ceilings.

The building's 11th floor has a full basketball court and Felix gets dedicated access to it one night a week. The rest of the time it has to sign up to use it.

Here's Felix's team of mean ballers.

Here's an action shot of the Felix team taking on Yext, its old parent company.

Now here's the actual office space, the Felix wave logo is a constant.

Felix shares the space with a handful of employees from other local IAC businesses like CitySearch, CityGrid and Urbanspoon.

The office space is wide open, with couches and comfortable chairs.

The office has a lot of private meeting spaces with whiteboards.

Felix employees hang out, have a soda.

Here's the kitchen where free breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served.

Employees gather around the table to eat one of the complimentary meals.

This is one of the main conference rooms.

Another look at the conference room, with a flat screen at the end.

Felix has a 6,000 square foot open-air rooftop terrace with hammocks and wicker seating.

Felix employees take a little break, hang out on the terrace.

What hip office is complete without a ping pong table?

Screens above sales employees display real-time stats and sales metrics.

Felix employee Laura Trujillo helps out a client.

Felix gives its best performing sales people bats for hitting it out of the park.

General Manager Dan Levine (left) conferences with Felix's CEO, Brent Metz.

The Felix waveform logo covers the glass

Hip, colourful chairs at a table.

Claire, Felix's Director of Operations.

Elias Derian, one of Felix's finest analysts, triple-checks his latest algorithm.

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