New Year's Eve 2012: NDAA Fears Remain

Normally New Year’s Eve fills me with a simple, quiet excitement — champagne, fireworks, and promises of new romances, new opportunities, new travels. I was expecting the same feelings as 2012 nears.

With NDAA’s imminent signing into law by President Obama, however, I just don’t feel the joy this year. I’m anxious, and the broadcast media’s either purely intentional, or ludicrously negligent, blackout of NDAA discussion isn’t helping that growing anxiety that something is very wrong right now.

It’s worth remembering that in major foreign newspapers, and on foreign cable news networks, NDAA is one of their top news stories. Revoking civil rights and imposing war-time martial law in America is kind of a big deal. Redefining the US as a “battlefield” is kind of a big deal.

It’s worth remembering that the NDAA is one of the top concerns this year for Amnesty International. It’s also a major concern for the ACLU, and numerous other human rights organisations.

And yet our media, here in the United States, somehow doesn’t find a bill that ALLOWS THE GOVERNMENT TO DETAIN AND TORTURE ITS OWN CITIZENS WITHOUT ACCESS TO A TRIAL OR ATTORNEY worthy of airtime? They’d rather flex their investigative journalism muscles trying to figure out why Russell Brand and Katy Perry divorced?

Anderson Cooper and CNN: not covering the NDAA.

Chris Matthews and MSNBC: not covering the NDAA.

The anchors at FOX News: not covering the NDAA. (I even tweeted FOX anchor Bret Baier and asked him why his network wasn’t covering this issue. “We have,” he shot back. I must have blinked when that coverage aired, Mr. Baier.)

The US cable news industry, including FOX, cannot claim they don’t know about this issue. They can’t really claim ignorance, can they? Thousands of Americans have been begging them via email and Twitter to give this treasonous, dangerous bill — which “was drafted in secret, with no hearing, and with committee votes behind closed doors” (source: ACLU) — the attention it deserves.

As a user tweeted to Anderson Cooper’s account earlier today, “One thing the American people care about is #NDAA you and the majority of the mainstream media completely ignore it.”

And another user asked CNN’s most prominent personality: “Why are you not covering #SOPA and #NDAA? Ridiculist of the year? If you’re not covering #SOPA or #NDAA THAT is RIDICULOUS!!”

In a case of good timing, V For Vendetta was on BBC America last night. It’s hard not to feel like that movie is more of a documentary about America’s post-NDAA future these days than a dramatic dystopian thriller.

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