Marissa Mayer’s ‘Very Ballsy Move’ Inspired Yahoo’s New Board Member To Join

Max Levchin

PayPal cofounder, Silicon Valley investor, and former Slide CEO Max Levchin joined Yahoo’s board on Tuesday.

Yesterday, he wrote a blog post explaining why:

As announced by Yahoo! this morning, I have been asked and agreed to join its Board of Directors. It is an honour to be asked, in and of itself. There are three key reasons I accepted:  

Personal: I’ve long respected Marissa’s talent and tenacity. Her decision to take the top role at Yahoo! was a very ballsy move, and when she asked for my help, I was excited about working with her. 

Business: a stronger, fast-growing  Yahoo!, with its tremendous resources is a massive net-positive for the Silicon Valley ecosystem, the market in general, and the US economy. 

Sentimental: Yahoo! was one of the first true giants created by this amazing new thing, the Web. Before Google or Facebook, before almost everything  there was Jerry’s Guide, right up there with What’s New page in Mosaic. Through amazing luck, I was a Computer Science freshman at UIUC in ’93, which gave me a glimpse into the fantastic future we are now living. Yahoo! showed me that computer geeks can start companies that create that future. I’d love to do my part in helping the company that inspired me.