Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi showed off by comparing its new smartphone to the iPhone

Xiaomi, the giant Chinese Android phone maker, held its first ever European press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Wednesday. During the press conference, Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s vice president of international, delivered a presentation that included some slights against Apple — the company that Xiaomi has been accused of copying.

Xiaomi’s founder once dressed the same as Steve Jobs and also used Jobs’ “one more thing” slogan on stage. And the company’s Mi Pad tablet has the same look as Apple’s iPad Mini. Xiaomi has always denied it copies Apple — Barra said in an interview that it was a “melodrama” caused by one device that looked similar to an Apple product.

During Barra’s presentation introducing Xiaomi’s new Mi 5 Android phone, he compared it with the iPhone 6. Xiaomi’s camera sits flush with the device, but Apple had to include a bump on the back to fit the camera in.

And later on in the presentation he made the point that the Mi 5 is 14 grams lighter than the iPhone 6s:

Barra also talked about the Mi 5’s camera technology. It can stabilise images on several different axes — and Xiaomi showed how the iPhone can only stabilise images on two axes:

It wasn’t just Apple that Xiaomi compared its phones to, though. It showed how the size of its screen measures up against the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone:

When Xiaomi revealed the design of its new phone on stage, several journalists in the audience joked that it looked similar to the new Samsung Galaxy — and sure enough, the image of the Milky Way galaxy appeared on screen:

Here’s the phone itself:

And if there was one message that Xiaomi really wanted to get across, it was that its new smartphone is fast:

It made this point several times:

Until we finally got the message:

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