Report: The Next Xbox Won't Let You Play Used Games And Will Require An Internet Connection

next generation xbox renderA rendering of the next-generation Xbox.

Photo: Gizmodo via Xbox World

The next-generation Xbox is coming soon.While we don’t have all the specifics on what to expect, The Verge points us to a new report that says the next-generation console will require an always-on connection just so it can function.

This notion makes Microsoft’s Xbox Live service that much more important.

The reason cited for the constant connection is to prevent the use of used games, which could cripple services like Game Fly and GameStop.

Gaming magazine Edge, fills us in on a few features of the new system. If Edge’s sources are correct, the new system will be lightning fast, using an 8-core AMD processor with a separate graphics engine, an astounding 8 GB of memory, a revamped Kinect, and enormous 50 GB Blu-ray game discs.

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