Here Are All The Features Twitter Hid In Its New App Update For IPhone And Android

Twitter has overhauled its apps for Android and iPhone with a significant upgrade to the search filters and direct messaging. Scavenging for content has been made easier while conversations between profiles has been altered as well. First, TV Trends has finally been incorporated into the app.

This particular feature has been the topic of discussion as the company was approaching its IPO. Essentially, Twitter wanted to become a tool for social measurement on shows. After testing this over the summer, this new addition appears unfinished in the app. Here is what it looks like:

The basis of the TV trends section is that you can chat about your favourite show with other fans but that seems to be about it. All you need to do to access it is head to the “Discover” section of the app. Enter the trending option and head all the way down to the bottom. After that, you can talk about it various elements of either “American Horror Story” or “Late Night with David Letterman.” This is where filters come into play since each sub-section only posts the most prominent tweet.

Also, timelines now flow down in the trending section. This is what it looks like.

This element of the app is timeline that displays the most prominent trends of the day. Filters factor into this again since it scans your surrounding area and provides insight into nearby events and conversations. The parameters can be adjusted to find local content such as a neighbourhood fight.

Finally, the compose page asks for me location specific information as you can see below.

When composing a message, it asks for a location to add more depth to searching for local content. The beauty of this is that Twitter has added another layer of use to its app. People operating in research based fields can harness this to search for trends and topics required in reports. Ultimately, Twitter has shown that it wants to be more than a fun social media platform and this update has enforced that.

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